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The idea for this website came from the trouble i had trying to identify plants and birds within reasonable cetainty using just readily available books without needing to ask experts. Then finding that many species of plants and animals commonly found on Tamborine are not subjects in any commonly available books. It became obvious that a website could go along way to helping local gardners and interested local residents identify Tamborine flora and fauna by bringing together a very large amount of information as text and images in an organised and easily searchable form amounting to the equivelant of a substantial library of books.

Tamborine is a small part of the very biodiverse region of South East Queensland on the rim of the ancient Mt Warning caldera. Because there are so many thousands of species of plants and animals, the task of creating a useful website would take a lifetime if the limit of the Tamborine area were not set.

I suppose it is not my original idea, that is to use images as the primary method of capturing useful information.

However, it sort of dawned on me that with the web and the creations of Ward Cunningham, Jimmy Wales et all.                           
plus digital cameras ,images are almost as easy to produce as text. So images can more easily than ever before replace text in certain contexts such as expert descriptions of differences between species of animals and plants.

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