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Do you want to stop yelling at the TV and do something useful to put the environment on the agenda?

The plants and animals of Tamborine Mountain and the immediate surroundings.

The species listed here are NATIVES and exotic WEEDS and FERALS of the Tamborine  regional ecosystems but are NOT actual local obsevations of the species.

I am very interested in your photos of Trees or Plants in flower or fruit that you see around Tamborine. Please mail me  Phantomgreenie (at)

The Menu item "FINDER" above, has content but its less than 10% completed.

The idea here is to make it possible to do an identification to species level  within 3 minutes.

This is a co-oprative project. Your name and profile will be listed as equal partner. Your contributed photos,writings,website development, etc. will retain your copyright.

Are you interested in the native Plants and Animals, weeds and ferals, of Tamborine Mountain?

You could help with Photograpy or the Website or Writing an article or whatever else you like by contacting me.

Hover your cursor over menu item "ABOUT" above and click on " CONTACTS "

Click on "Contact Form" and fill in your details and click on "Send Email "

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